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Expert NCT & DOE Preparation Guaranteed


Pre N.C.T testing

The NCT (National Car Test) or CVRT (Commercial Vehicle Roadworthiness Test, formally DOE test) play a very important part in the safety of your vehicle on the road. Here at BSSC we take this very seriously, so we have our professional eye look over your car which may highlight issues that you weren’t aware of, which could end up your car failing the test. We recommend to include one of our car services while we are conducting the test preparation, as servicing your car is an important factor in road safety and car efficiency. Any findings on the NCT or DOE preparation will be reported back to you. We will then do the necessary to make your car NCT/DOE ready.


Involved in an accident Insurance Estimates Available


Insurance Estimates Available

As approved repairers for Allianz and Liberty Insurance and are equipped with the latest in vehicle repair technology. We will assess all incident related damage and ascertain the correct repair method. Then we provide a comprehensive breakdown of parts and costs for either replacement or repair. Labour repair times, labour rate, paint and materials costs, specialist charges and items subject to checking. With your safety in mind we will always recommend the correct repair method, as this will ensure the safety of the car and you.


Complete Car Restoration Classic & modern


Complete professional car restoration

BSSC is specialised in restoring classic cars and oldtimers. We have years of experience with a variety of projects in restoring cars and we can help you to restore your beloved car or even a specific part. Whether it comes to stripping and / or painting of a single door, spraying and painting a whole car, to chrome a bumper or grill or a total project in which various parts must be reconstructed. With the passion and experience of the team, we will take utmost care of your car. A comprehensive first conversation with you to decide the right approach of the project, without concessions to quality, is always a priority. We consider a great involvement of our customer during the restoration of great importance. In the end, it is a route which you take together, with the aim: a great result! Have a look at our recent projects.


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